Machining assignments and price estimates prior to delivery

Our expertise in machining is the key to meeting customers' requirements and specifications. We are known for being solution-oriented, and we always find the best combination of price, quality and delivery time.


The best combination of price, quality and delivery time

AIM AS (“Everything in Machining” or “Alt Innen Maskinering” in norwegian) help you with repair of components and parts for machines by coordinating of machining assignments for offshore and onshore industry, agriculture and other industries. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you with your machining assignments, as well as purchase, sale, overhaul or remodeling of used CNC machines and equipment.

We have over 20 years of experience in machining of:

  • Large frameworks
  • Welding constructions
  • Ship propellers
  • Propeller blades
  • Other rotating machinery
  • Thruster house
  • Compressor frames and other equipment

In addition, we have extensive experience with and knowledge of purchase, sale and repair of:

  • All types of lathes, including manual, semi-controlled and CNC,
  • Milling machines, including manual, semi-controlled and CNC
  • Multimachines
  • Printed circuit boards

Why choose AIM AS?

When a machine stops and you need repair of a component or a detail, you can rely on us in finding a solution at the right time, price and quality. You always get a price estimate prior to the assignment, even with many risk factors to consider. Is it an urgent case? In an emergency, we can find a quick solution in order to meet the customer's needs.

We have a large network and collaborate with several mechanical workshops and suppliers of mechanical equipment. We can help you with various types of repairs and you always get a cost-efficient solution.

Being solution-oriented is what characterizes AIM AS and our customers greatly appreciate it.

We work in accordance with ISO 9001.

We help you with machining assignments and always find the best solution.


Coordination of machining assignments

Purchase, sale and repair.


AIM AS shall be a safe workplace with opportunities for development for the employees.